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Dredging Works

Since it's establishment, SUPERQUATRO GROUP company performs dredging works within the Danube River and the Black Sea, in order to ensure navigation conditions; dredging in ports and pools to ensure their operating depths; dredging for the realization of hydraulic structures.

Dredging works are performed both with own equipment and with equipment leased from partner companies providing specialized technical personnel necessary to execute such works.

Mainly, for the dredging works the following equipments are used:

  • Deggendorf Bucket dredging equipment having a capacity of 750 mc/hour
  • Toyo dredging pumps tip DP50BL-6, having a flow rate of 720 mc/hour
  • Hidroclap barge with capacity of 200 mc – 1 bucata
  • Hidroclap barge with capacity of de 400 mc – 1 bucata
  • Clamshell grapple equipped floating cranes.
Usually, the following types of dredging can be identified:

1. in purpose of restoring coastal areas - where communities live in specific recreational activities (tourism). Strong winds of the winter season have a strong effect erosion. This situation makes it extremely useful for restoring beaches by dredging sand deposition.

2. to provide depth in port waters, channels and inland waterways - condition essential for safety of the vessels. Systematic dredging ensure full safety of navigation conditions, a benefit for the balance of biosystem.

3. to rebalance the ecosystem - by dredging remedy is possible bottlenecks and ensure optimal conditions for the development of fish fauna in "wet areas". Opening channels for water circulation and living creatures, transport of nutrients and removal of waste water.

4. both in natural freshwater lakes as well as in fish facilities, the sediments of eroded material resulted from wind actions may lead to their silting. Dredging are intended to restore the depths and other necessary conditions for aquatic creatures.

5. dredging operations can create islands or extend the land areas. Using dredging is one of the most effective ways to create new islands by controlled deposition of material to restore the affected areas or to create new territories.

6. for removing sediments conveyed by flowing waters and which inevitably at some point, endanger the navigation or free waters drainage, maintenance dredging works are required periodically. This type of dredging is useful in natural pools used by communities to store their water reserves.

7. in the context of the programs for the improvement of the navigation, dredging represents a determining factor while providing necessary minimum depths of inland waterway transport, as debits increased on processed sectors, as well as the effect of autodredging.

8. deposits of sand and gravel aiming to provide raw materials for the construction works is another activity in which dredges are used with maximum efficiency.

In the coming years, we expect a favorable outcome in hydro construction industry due to the need of compliance rules imposed by the Danube Strategy to implement several prioritary projects for the Danube River.