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Wreck Removal

The dislocation of shipwrecks and the refloating of damaged ships is among the works with a high degree of difficulty for the company Superquatro Group that has the expertize and equipment necessary for the use of some hydraulic equipment designed to perform these operations and for some professional cutting equipment that comes from some world famous manufacturers.

 At present, the company works with specialty personnel with a wide experience, which allows addressing a broad portfolio of works. In   completing the projects, the high qualification is assisted also by a performant endowment with parameters close to the equipments that are used at international level. A work of wide scope, where SUPERQUATRO GRUP engaged a large part of its material and human capabilities, is "Transilvania" passenger ship wreckage refloating.

By executing this extensive operation, there will be returned to use the port capacities of Galati Port, 18-21 Berths, 440 meters in length, and there will be created the optimal conditions for the safe execution of dredging works in the contiguous areas. Also, by “Transilvania” ship wreck refloating,  there will be removed the danger of pollution and contamination of the aquatic environment water with petrochemical products remains that were in the wreck’s tanks at the time of sinking, as well as the significant reduction of the contiguous berths clogging effects, caused by its presence.

Due to the complexity of "Transylvania" wreckage refloating process, SUPERQUATRO GRUP company specialists have resorted to innovative technical solutions, that suppose the usage of hydraulic pulling equipments, specifically designed for carrying out these operations and of some professional cutting equipments coming from manufacturers of world-wide reputation.

Both projects were difficult challenges for all of our staff, each work requiring permanent solution adaptation in order to be finished.

We have to take into account that although the working conditions in the dislocations of wrecks are extremely difficult and involve a high nuissance value to all personnel involved, either for member of work teams, either for divers, our company hasn't registred serious work accidents or loss of human life in any of the two projects.

For finding out more details about the technology used in the dislocation of shipwrecks, please see the MEDIA section.