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Special Equipments

SUPERQUATRO GROUP company is equipped with a range of special equipment that allows the execution of high complexity and risk tasks with maximum efficiency and safety, carefully respecting the environment.

Briefly, we can present three categories of devices with their features and areas of use:

A. DIAMOND WIRE CUTTING EQUIPMENT model HILTI DS-WS 30, Switzerland (Sheet 1) >> foto galery

By electric-power operating (2x15 kW) of a diamond wire with a diameter of 12.5 mm, in moist conditions, this device can drain any metal structures of inforced or reinforced concrete, as well as rock, without the overall dimensions to be considered as an impediment.

Unlike traditional methods of cutting: metal or abrasive disc with rotary or picks, cutting diamond wire has the following advantages:

  • does not transmit vibrations or shocks;
  • can cut elements with thicknesses of 4 m, in a single operation.
  • surfaces resulting from the cutting process does not require repair or remaking;
  • fitting and removing the tool is quick;
  • system features automatic control of the advance;
  • has a fine adjustment of the feed rate and blood diamond wire;
  • does not produce dust.

Each module can operate two hydraulic control pulling capacity of 300 ft each. The equipment was designed and manufactured in Romania for use in applications such as dislocation particularly difficult and refloating wrecks. Using such equipment and shipbuilding chains gauge 76, SUPERQUATRO GROUP has conducted and successfully completed the dislocation of work passenger technical Transylvania and cargo M/V Slatina.

Highly reliable, can be operated by remote control, the pulling can find their applications in various fields:

  • can move weights of over 1,000 tonnes in the horizontal plane, where machinery high fever may not work;
  • can act during special demolishing operations, where use of conventional machines is highly hazardous;
  • can be used during the special operations of under-crossing the Danube river with cables or pipes.

Our company has a number of 34 refloating baloons, in various sizes, which can provide buoyancy for a weight of approximately 800 tons.

These baloons can be used both in order to ensure buoyancy vessels damaged, in the operations of their refloating or dislodging the wreck but, at the same time, can also be used to launch the operations of some of the ships or installations floating or raise them to the surface (in particular of the vessels and floating installations with full load or even to transport by land a building or atypical assemblies, with very large weights.