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Hydrotechnical Works

The company mainly performs hydro-technical construction works from the following categories:

1. Construction for the maintenance of inland waterway and of  maritime and  river ports: maintenance dredging, dredging in the fairway in order to maintain the navigation depths in the critical areas; dredging in ports and basins;

2. Banks’ protecting  above average water level, performed from: mining, drilling, plantations, bundles of twigs,  pitching dry or built in from rough stone, concrete pitching, bituminous, geo-textile coatings, and geo-textile, gabion cushions;

3. Banks’ protecting bellow average water level, performed from: pitching on concrete foundations, pitching on prism from rough stone, pitching on prism from rough stone on cushion ripraps;

4. Banks’ protecting, supporting and consolidations from: gabions, defense walls, cofferdam, simple or anchor piles;

5. Local river bed regulating or rectifying constructions, performed from: bends’ perforation or cutting, defense dams, routing dams,  closing dams, dikes, botomsills and dams;

6. Constructions of water offloading: weirs from concrete, steel concrete or stone masonry, metallic locks;

7. Constructions for water collection;

8. Constructions of water adduction: built-up concrete shafts and pipes;

9. Hydro-ameliorative constructions for lands’ irrigation and drainage, for lands’ water supply: water collection installations, steel concrete draining tanks, drainage from sorted stone;

10. Constructions for water supply and sewage: water pumping stations, water distribution networks, water purification equipment;