Among the companies with which SUPERQUATRO GRUP work together to achieve its objectives, we can enumerate:

  • C.N.F.R. NAVROM S.A. Galati – Inland water transport of goods; Maneuvering in ports
  • S.C. TRANSNAUTIC DIVING SERVICE S.R.L. Galati – Professional diving; Hydrographic measurements
  • S.C. SOROCAM S.R.L. Bucuresti -  Supplier for gravel pit products and crushed rock
  • S.C. GEROCO GROUP S.R.L. Galati – Logistic services (Road transport)

Transnautic - Diving Services Ltd. trade company performs all types of underwater works with highly trained staff. Staff qualifications, experience in the most diverse works, as well as the latest endowments, enable us to cover a wide range of underwater operations, such as: inspections, determining the physical condition of various underwater structures, remediation of some underwater assemblies , assistance in execution of underwater work or even the execution of such works; these operations can be performed operatively by the company, by providing 10 qualified divers with which a schedule of up to 10 hours a day can be ensured, in conditions of high professionalism.

Throughout the execution of the underwater works, there is a telephone connection between the personnel in immersion and the coordinating staff, there is video signal, being possible to record the operation on digital support.

SC Transnautic - Diving Services Ltd. is authorized by the Romanian Naval Authority to perform diving works.

For any other information, and details about our company’s ability to perform highly qualified works under water, we stay at your disposal, and we can be contacted at email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.