Dredging Works

Ever since its establishment SUPERQUATRO GROUP performs dredging works along the fluvial and maritime Danube, in order to ensure the navigation conditions and the necessary operating depths ......

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Hydrotechnical Works

Constructions for the maintenance of shipping routes or maritime and river ports; Bank protection above the water environment; Constructions for regularization or correction of riverbeds...

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Wreck Removal

Dislocation and refloating of wrecked or damaged ships is among the works with a high degree of difficulty for wich Superquatro Grup has the required expertise and specialized equipment needed..

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The purpose and scope of the company

Arie Activitate

SC SUPERQUATRO GRUP SRL is a entirely private capital owned company, founded in 2001, located in Galati, Romania. SUPERQUATRO Grup company possess the required skills, capabilities and knowledge to perform the following types of work:

 „Hydrotechnical Works", meaning navigable channel maintenance and hydrotechnical works for the improvement of the navigation on the Danube, dams rehabilitation, bank protection, bottom sills, harbor platforms.

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Our portfolio of activities require special authorizations and qualifications

We are equipped only with highly advanced equipment that comply with environmental protection.

Our company works with specialized personnel having rich experience, allowing a broad portfolio approach works. Those high skills are assisted in completing th projects by a high performance parameters machinery endowment close to equipments that are used by the same profile companies all over the world.

Special ActivitiesSpecial Activities